Helm Capital is a privately owned family company.  Managing director James Hodder has provided over 30 years of financial planning services to the local community and generations of clients.

We are a boutique professional services group specialising in investment advice and high-value strategic financial planning services to clients, their companies, trusts and superannuation funds.

Helm was established in response to the growing demand from discerning clients seeking personal financial advice from a firm not controlled by large financial institutions or product providers.

We will help you grow and protect your wealth

Helm Capital welcomes those seeking advice on how to strengthen their finances, build wealth and maintain it throughout retirement.

Our work is focused on ensuring you, as a Helm Client, are well informed, well prepared and well positioned to achieve your financial goals and are getting the most out of your assets year after year.

Our business model puts very little emphasis on advertising and sourcing new business because we choose to let our work speak for us through word of mouth. Which is why our number one priority is client satisfaction. It’s critical that we demonstrate, at every opportunity, that we are worthy of the belief and trust that our clients place in us, by consistently exceeding expectations and delivering an excellent service that keeps our clients coming back year after year.

Key Benefits


Make your financial decisions easier with the benefit of our expert knowledge

Peace of Mind

Contemplating future life changes can be daunting, but having a trusted advisor with your best interests at heart can make all the difference

Asset Utilization

You’ve worked hard for what you have. Are you sure that what you have is working hard enough for you? Make sure!

Initial consultations provided free of charge

What to Look for in a Financial Advisor

Don’t know what to look for in a financial planner or confused about what you should agree to pay for the services you need?

This guide from The Financial Planning Association (FPA) has been created to improve consumer understanding of the costs and benefits of professional financial planning services.

Have a read for an outside perspective on what constitutes quality advice.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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Q.  Do you have a plan for your financial future (most don’t!)

A. Don’t worry if you haven't a financial plan yet, we can guide you through the process of thinking about your financial objectives.  Having a plan provides peace of mind, comfort and confidence knowing that you’re heading in the right direction.  Come in for a chat and start your plan today.

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March 26, 2016

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Q. Do you have peace of mind about money matters?

A.  Worrying about your investments is counterproductive.   Let a trusted adviser assist you with a strategy to minimize worry, give us a call to check it out.

April 29, 2016


Why Helm Capital?

helm    v.
1. To steer
2. To manage the running of

capital    n.
1. Wealth in the form of money or property, used or accumulated by a person, partnership, or company
2. Material wealth used or available for use in the production of more wealth