If the Government  offered to give you, your children or grandchildren $850 for every $660 you gave them  up to $21,000 or so, it would be very appealing wouldn’t it…. even if the $850 had to go into an account they must retain and invest until they were 60!

In fact, locking this sort of money away until their much loved family member is older and wiser, is preferred by many parents and grandparents in my experience. If you are interested in this for yourself or one of your loved ones call our office this week and we’ll explain how it might work for your situation.


Use it or lose it:  Why is 2017/18 special?

Answer: The 17/18 super contribution rules changed in a way for that makes this strategy appealing for most working Australians where it was not really possible before.



From the start of the 2018/19 financial year another change in legislation allows eligible individuals to roll over unused deductible contributions and use them up to five years later. This does not apply to the 17/18 year that ends in just a few weeks so if you don’t use all your $25,000 allowance this financial year it is lost…forever!


Why is this recommended now?

Qualifying to claim large last minute lump sum deductible contribution was, up until this year, a luxury only available to those that were self-employed. From the 1st of July 2017, anyone (working and under age 75) can contribute to super and claim a tax deduction. Individuals on a very modest marginal rate get $850 into their account for every $660 of post-tax income they give up in the process. This is easier to do than you think if it is planned and executed in the correct way. This is a great idea, its good government policy and good financial planning.


If you can’t contribute, (you don’t pass the work test and are over 65) there is still a way to take advantage of the new contribution rules. Gifting money to your children or grandchildren by funding their super could help them and help you.

Call and we will explain in detail how this could work for you and them. There’s even a way this can be used to help them save for their first home! See below for details of our complimentary Family Financial Health Check service.


Helm Financial Health Check Service

This is a reminder that family of existing Helm clients are entitled to a financial health check to see if/how their financial future can be optimized, protected or grown through professional advice. Get in contact with us if someone in your family could benefit from this service.


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